Our Doping Control Services

GQS offers a full range of services to its clients

Preparation, organisation and coordination of doping controls
Implementation of blood and urine tests
Provision of testing materials and documents
Transportation of samples to the laboratory (temperature recording for blood samples)
Coordination of laboratory analyses
Data acquisition in ADAMS
Documentation handover to clients
Provision of chaperones as needed

An in-house, 24-hour courier service is available as required to dispatch samples. For blood samples, the cold chain is recorded by a temperature logger. The transportation of samples is documented by trained employees.


Pre-competition controls are often performed for large events, generally on the days immediately preceding the event. These usually consist of blood and/or urine tests. Thanks to our many years of experience with major sports events, we can adapt the doping controls to the specific circumstances and needs of the competitive environment.

GQS represents the highest quality and integrity. All samples are taken in accordance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigation (ISTI) set out in the World Anti-Doping Code. If the chaperones are provided by the organisers, our control teams take care of the preparations and appropriate training of on-site auxiliary staff (volunteers)

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Our range of services includes both urine and blood tests in the context of competitions. The sample request by our trained chaperones can occur based on placement, name (targeted control) or by drawing lots. The chaperone accompanies the athlete until the doping control is completed. The athlete’s privacy is very important. Therefore, the control room is set up according to GQS guidelines in the run-up to the competition.

An out-of-competition (OOC) control, also commonly called a training control, occurs without prior notice. Athletes in a testing pool can be tested at any time and in any place. This includes training sites and places of residence as well as the athlete’s school, university or workplace.

Since we at GQS are committed to minimal restriction of the athlete’s training, all controls are carried out quickly and efficiently. Our services range from testing individual athletes to handling the entire OOC test program for an anti-doping organisation. In addition, our inspectors are prepared and trained for the special requirements that apply to training camps.


Sports is a global phenomenon which is constantly taking place all over the world. To best support athletes who need doping control after setting a record, we have our own dedicated 24-hour hotline. Our coordinators do their best to provide suitable personnel as soon as possible to carry out the test within the standard 24-hour time window.

24-hour hotline exclusively for record controls: +49 711 4605715-15

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Doping Prevention

Anti-Doping Consultation

We are happy to advise you personally on the issue of doping controls in your association or support you when planning your event. Please contact us at info@gqs-antidoping.de.

Seminars and Prevention Work

The clever athlete is prepared. In our seminars, we provide athletes with comprehensive explanations on doping cases and the processes of doping controls. Prevention is an essential part of good anti-doping work. We support the prevention programs of national and international organisations in the fight to make sports clean.

Standards and Care

GQS doping controls are carried out in accordance with the standards for doping controls (ISTΙ) of the WADA Code and the relevant anti-doping organisation. Read more about this in Quality.

Blood samples impinge on the physical integrity of the athlete. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of our samples and the care of athletes when taking blood samples. Our employees who take blood samples are carefully chosen and have experience in dealing with blood samples and with control materials provided by GQS. According to the NADA (German National Anti-Doping Agency) Code, blood samples in Germany may only be taken by doctors and medical practitioners. Our staff here also has the relevant experience.

Wada Video: The Doping Control Process for Athletes

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