Cologne List® – New composition, more safety for athletes

In the context of the prevention program “TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING” the National Anti Doping Agency of Germany (NADA) in cooperation with the Athletes Commission of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has edited and refined the Cologne List® of the Olympic Training Site Rhineland (OSP Rheinland). Amongst others, users will find advanced security features. As contaminated or counterfeit dietary supplements are regularly found, these innovations are particularly important for testing pool athletes who rely on such products.

For example, the newly established “service for testing pool athletes” includes a nutritional check-up and a label check of dietary supplements products. In addition, a list of relevant certificates as well as an “availability service” of tested products is now provided by the Cologne List®. With the new service companies may also link their products’ entry on the Cologne List® to the manufacturer’s own shop. Prerequisite: Only products from a tested batch can be purchased via the link. In addition, the entire page, especially the search section for products, has been redesigned. This, too, will enhance athlete services.

The Cologne List® contains information on dietary supplements which have been tested on doping substances. It reduces the risk for athletes to fall into a doping trap. Dietary supplements can contain doping-relevant substances and can lead to a positive doping tests. However, both the Cologne List® and NADA explicitly point out that the risk of contamination or counterfeiting by doping-relevant substances can be minimized but cannot be completely ruled out, even when it concerns products of the list. The Cologne List® does not constitute a recommendation to consume dietary supplements and any application should be questioned critically and carefully in consultation with a nutrition consultant.

<Reference: NADA>

Michael Jablonski